It all started in 1972 when Ken and Wilma Fox of Fort Steele , BC bought a trucking business from Betty Busch of Wasa BC , which had been operating in BC since 1945. Upon purchasing the business Ken and his son Keith Fox of Wardner , BC began operating the company under the name of K & K Trucking. Later, Ken’s sons Larry Fox and Tim Fox, both of Fort Steele BC, together with family friend Ernie Brown of Cranbrook BC, purchased trucks to assist with the business and expand into Alberta. A few years later son Dale Fox, now deceased, also purchased a truck to join the fast growing business. As the men were out hauling livestock and hay, Ken’s wife and daughter, Alva Soppit of Fort Steele , were left behind to maintain the bookkeeping and run the farm.

In 1982 Ken and Wilma moved their office from their home at the farm in Fort Steele to the big city of Cranbrook and opened their new location in the offices above the Kootenay Advertiser. The company became a registered company now known as Fox’s Transport Ltd. When moving into the new building they expanded the business from BC and Alberta to include Montana , Idaho , and Washington and from transporting just livestock and hay to lumber, grain and light industrial equipment. As the years passed they further expanded the lanes of travel into other areas of Western Canada and the United States.

During the more than three decades that Fox’s has been in business it has always been family owned and operated. Keith’s wife, Cathy Fox, dispatched the trucks for more than 10 years with Tim’s wife, Corinne Fox, coming in from time to time to help Alva in accounts. Alva was at Fox’s from the beginning as the assistant manager and then taking the position of manager when Ken Fox passed away in July 2001.

In 2002 Alva’s son, Jerry Walker, together with his wife Diana, came to Fox’s to learn how the business was run with a view to eventually purchase the company. Fox’s Transport was primarily a B-Train and Super B-Train company for more than three decades. Due to the constant requests from their client base and a growing demand in the industry, in September 2002 Jerry formed a five-axle tandem flatbed division that has expanded Fox’s lanes of travel to the remaining United States and Canada . Jerry’s honesty and reliability has served him well in the trucking industry. Since 2002 Diana assisted Alva in accounts where she has taken on the vast job of learning the ins and outs of what Alva had been doing for more than 30 years. As well as now taking over the job of accounts manager, Diana is also responsible for all licensing and permits for the lease operators and company drivers.

Jerry and Diana have finalized of the purchase of the company from Alva in June of 2005. They have since expanded the business and continue to hire family to assist with the business and on occasion still call Alva out of retirement for her assistance and expertise. Jerry and Diana would like to take this opportunity to thank the Fox Family for all their hard work and dedication through the years. The company is what it is because of you. It is their pledge that Fox’s Transport will continue to be family owned and run on the foundation of integrity and honesty first and foremost.

2012 marks Forty years for Fox’s, This year is special for Jerry and Diana Walker, who are the owners of Fox’s Transport Ltd. in Cranbrook, as it marks their company’s 40th anniversary.