We are measured everyday by our ability to live our core values: Safety, Reputation, Trust and Integrity, Doing the Right Thing, Profitability. Succeeding at this is demonstrated by those who chose to partner with us versus our competitors.


Our most treasured asset to preserve and protect is our demonstrated solid business growth and a drive to conduct business in the manner of our founders; with honesty, integrity, and fair dealings.

mission-01Doing the Right Thing

Understanding the impact of our decisions and taking responsibility for them.

Trust and Integrity

Are the building blocks used to form strong, loyal relationships with our customers and employees. We listen to their needs, maintain our commitments and treat them as partners.


Sustaining us for the long haul.


It is our goal to ensure that we maintain the highest safety standards in the transportation industry to protect our drivers, co-workers, the general public, and our customers. We achieve this through education, training and awareness, as well as the strict enforcement of DOT regulations and customer safety policies.